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Re: Proposed config file for Atari kernel image

> > Isn't that useless on m68k?
> I've no idea.

I've looked into the code now, and the watchdog stuff is for some PC

> I've also no idea about the validity of e.g. lots of the networking
> stuff (thus my RFC).

I haven't looked at them in deep detail, but what I've seen was ok.

> (Just out of interest, would software watchdog work?)

Sure. But it isn't as reliable as a hardware dog ;-)

> Umm, yep. For some reason the default i386 kernel doesn't include
> sound

*Some* reason? :-) Indeed, the many reasons are that sound stuff on
PCs needs a lot of compile-time configuration and tweaking...

> No idea, certainly not me. Presumably it works though? And since
> it's a module, does it matter?

Don't know if it works at all :-) AFAICR, even Hamish in the first
times already used ext2. I think nobody would miss the module :-) (And
nobody would notice it if the subdir disappeared from the kernel
source :-))

> > or xiafs, for that matter?
> See above :-)

This also has never been tested on m68k, AFAIK.

> I was just following Herbert's lead here. I can make it NFS_FS=y if
> you want.

Can't hurt.

> As a module for an install kernel. Maybe I'm missing something
> obvious, but as modules, this stuff takes up nothing but disk space,
> right?

Right. A module is always ok.


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