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Re: Proposed config file for Atari kernel image

Roman Hodek <rnhodek@immd2.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:

> Isn't that useless on m68k?

I've no idea.  I've also no idea about the validity of e.g. lots of
the networking stuff (thus my RFC).  I'll turn it off.  (Just out of
interest, would software watchdog work?)
> Would do as modules, too, or?

Umm, yep.  For some reason the default i386 kernel doesn't include
sound, but I thought the m68k one should.  I thought I had made them
modules, but obviously not.


> What kernel version is it based on ??

2.0.33 + Geert's fbmem patch + Andreas' PROT_NONE patch.

> Who (on m68k) ever used ext??

No idea, certainly not me.  Presumably it works though?  And since
it's a module, does it matter?
> or xiafs, for that matter?

See above :-)

> Having NFS in the kernel would allow for root over NFS, or install
> over NFS. To get installation via NFS, we still can first configure
> the modules and the network before unpacking base, though. Just a
> thought.

I was just following Herbert's lead here.  I can make it NFS_FS=y if
you want.

> SMB for an install kernel? 

As a module for an install kernel.  Maybe I'm missing something
obvious, but as modules, this stuff takes up nothing but disk space,

> What's NCP? 

| NCP filesystem support (to mount NetWare volumes)
|   NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) is a protocol that runs over IPX and is
|   used by Novel NetWare clients to talk to file servers. It is to IPX
|   what nfs is to tcp/ip, if that helps. Enabling this option allows
|   you to mount NetWare file server volumes and to access them just
|   like any other Unix directory. For details, please read the file
|   Documentation/filesystems/ncpfs.txt in the kernel source and the
|   IPX-HOWTO on sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/docs/howto. 

> Missing HFS and MAC_PARTITION there.  if you want the 2.0 HFS and
> mac partition patches, ask me.

If you think they're safe, sure, why not.  The m68k diff's already 3Mb
uncompressed :/


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