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Re: dchanges

Frank Neumann wrote:
> > Where can i get the dchanges program?
> Hm, didn't find it. Recently it migrated from the misc/ to the devel/
> directory, becoming version 3.0. Unfortunately it seems to have been 
> deleted in the transition to the new master.debian.org site. I have
> it at home and will put it up somewhere here tomorrow until it is 
> re-uploaded by its maintainer.

Our local Debian mirror says:

| idefix$ nice find . -name "*dchanges*" -print
| ./unstable/source/devel/dchanges-2.0-7.tar.gz
| ./unstable/source/devel/dchanges-2.0-7.diff.gz
| ./unstable/binary-m68k/devel/dchanges-2.0-6.deb
| ./unstable/ms-dos/devel/dchanges.deb
| ./unstable/binary-i386/devel/dchanges-2.0-7.deb

But it looks like it's still 2.x??



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