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Re: binary-m68k/base still missing

Geert/Juergen wrote:

> > the binary-m68k/base directory is still missing on the european 
> > mirrors i have checked til now (2 in germany, one swiss, one 
> > in the netherlands). on ftp.debian.org i find some files in
> > this dir, but also a file
> > or the like, which is only readable by root.wheel.
> > 
> > could someone please check this?
> I checked a mirror in Belgium (ftp.cs.kuleuven.ac.be) which is mounted through
> NFS and the directory is indeed empty:

I have a local mirror that still contains the entire base directory, so
if Carl cannot recreate it from tape or whatever, I'll upload the stuff to
master again as soon as it is alive. Carl?


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