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Re: Two questions

Frank Neumann <Frank.Neumann@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de> writes:

|> b) Andreas: I heard you sent the minix fs v2 changes from newer PC 1.3
|>    kernels to Jes - do you know if that (not yours, I guess) minix v2
|>    will be able to work correctly with the fsck.minix and mkfs.minix
|>    for which you once wrote your patches?
|>    (tsx: .../680x0/patches/fsck.minix-v2.patch.gz)

|>    Or, in other words: if the mkfs/fsck tools for minix fs are compiled
|>    on either PC or m68k, will they work correctly on both - no matter
|>    what kernel you run? (provided, of course, the bitops are correct, which
|>    I hope they are)

I never had the chance to test the patch on a PC Minix filesystem, but
i don't expect any problems.  The programs use their own bitmap
function, and thus are independent of the kernel version.  Other than
that the structure of the v2 filesystem is identical on both PC and ST
Minix (modulo byte ordering, but that only means that you cannot take
a PC Minix fs and use it under ST Minix or Linux/m68k, and vice


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