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Two questions

Hi all,

two quick questions:

a) Could one of the Atari people please send me a keymap for a U.S.
   keyboard? That is: Uncomment your "loadkeys" line if you have one in
   your rc files, and send me the output of 'dumpkeys'.

b) Andreas: I heard you sent the minix fs v2 changes from newer PC 1.3
   kernels to Jes - do you know if that (not yours, I guess) minix v2
   will be able to work correctly with the fsck.minix and mkfs.minix
   for which you once wrote your patches?
   (tsx: .../680x0/patches/fsck.minix-v2.patch.gz)

   Or, in other words: if the mkfs/fsck tools for minix fs are compiled
   on either PC or m68k, will they work correctly on both - no matter
   what kernel you run? (provided, of course, the bitops are correct, which
   I hope they are)


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