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Frank Neumann writes:
> Ok, I understand there cannot yet be any Packages file without .changes
> files, but I hope this will change soon - as soon as the new dchanges
> allows us to create meaningful .changes files on our architecture.

Not really-- there can't be any Packages file until the archive is consistent.
Right now there were 2 copies of each of the ncurses packages ;)

I'll see what else might break now.

> Just did so. There were a few mistakes/confusions:
> devel/libdb1-1.85.2-5.deb   should go into ../base
> devel/libgxx-2.7.1-1.deb    should be renamed to libg++27-2.7.1-1.deb

Hey, If all I screwed up were this, pico, and ncurses, I don't think I did all
that bad considering the amount of stuff I threw in ;)

> As I saw, you mixed together all archives,
> but that's ok for now. 

??  I'm not understanding the part about mixing together all archives.

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