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Carl Streeter wrote:

> > Oh, sure. Stupid me. By the way - is anyone at master going to set up
> > a cron job (or alike) that does the automatic creation of the Packages
> > file for m68k?
> Yep.  You should get a Packages file (and maybe Contents) tonight (or so).
> I'll make sure that there are no errors with the auto generation.  Having
> duplicate packages killed us for a while in the i386 tree.

Ok, I understand there cannot yet be any Packages file without .changes
files, but I hope this will change soon - as soon as the new dchanges
allows us to create meaningful .changes files on our architecture.

> Can someone check over the archive and make sure I didn't screw up anything 
> obvious, that there are no packages missing, etc?

Just did so. There were a few mistakes/confusions:
devel/libdb1-1.85.2-5.deb   should go into ../base
devel/libgxx-2.7.1-1.deb    should be renamed to libg++27-2.7.1-1.deb

ncurses stuff: I didn't follow the different parts of ncurses packages
that were created in the last weeks, but the current condition under
m68k/ is somewhat wrong (duplicates). I guess if someone of us just
recompiles the current 1.9.8a-4 and uploads that, you could delete all
current ncurses* things under base/, devel/ and misc/ at that time, 
before putting the new files in their place.

/private/m68k/Incoming contains a duplicate info-3.6-5.deb that already
is under doc/ - remove the former.

mail/pico-2.5-1.deb : move this to ../editors (directory needs to be created)

That's all I found at the moment. As I saw, you mixed together all archives,
but that's ok for now. We'll have to recompile some of them in their newer
form anyway, because the stuff Hartmut uploaded is a bit dated here
and there.


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