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Re: [Debconf-team] Scheduling DC16 meetings

So.. who's making a call on the dudle?

It looks like Wednesdays 19:00 UTC (21:00 SAST/local event time) still
seems good. If there's no massive objections, can we then make the
meeting tomorrow night? Please add agenda items on the wiki (currently
still blank) [1].

Two things:
* Daylight savings time is happening soon, which changes these times.
We can either choose to stick with the SAST time or do a dudle again
*I don't think we'll find a single time to suit everyone. So my
suggestion is, can we alternate these meetings? Every two weeks on a
Wednesday (21:00 SAST, which is 19:00 UTC and 20:00UTC after DST...)
and then every other week another day, perhaps Thursday?, same time.

Can you all have a look at those options and chat about it on IRC, so
we get something that works for most?


[1] - https://debconf.org/action/submit/DebConf16/Meetings/2015-09-16

On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 12:32 AM, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:
> While work on the DC15 final report continues, our focus starts to shift
> to the next DebConf, DC16.
> Until now, the DC16 team has been meeting on Wednesdays at 18:30 UTC.
> However, that may not work for the rest of the broader DebConf team, so
> we are re-polling on the best time for meetings:
> https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/xwrd6g9h/
> If you've already seen this poll, please check it again. New time
> options have been added, several times, since it was first announced.
> These meetings will be held in #debconf-team. I think we should try to
> reduce use of the dc16 mailing list and IRC channel, and keep everything
> central. (Having to CC both lists, like this, is especially annoying)
> I think the normal pattern will be that only the coordination team is
> expected to attend the meetings. Other team leads short report in, maybe
> once a month, or when necessary.
> There will be one more meeting on the old schedule: #debconf16-capetown,
> at 18:30 UTC on Wednesday 9th:
> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Meetings/2015-09-09
> Hopefully we can announce the new schedule by the end of this week.
> SR
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