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Re: Group accommodation booking: July 2016

Hi Martin

These are mostly single rooms. We are still working on adequate family accommodation on campus. We are provisionally assigned to Graça Machel Hall.

From http://www.uct.ac.za/apply/residence/uctresidence/first/residences/

This new residence is located on the Protem site on Lower Campus. Access is gained via Cecil and Chapel roads.

The residence is adjacent to the Jammie Shuttle lower campus terminus which provides transport to all campuses. The accommodation is designed around three large courtyards with a total of 382 rooms, made up of 194 single and 94 double rooms, plus four rooms for disabled residents.

Each room is equipped with a hand basin, while disabled students share a bathroom.

The residence is designed so that eight residents (two double and four single rooms) share a kitchenette/lounge/communal area as well as bathrooms (toilets, showers, hand basins).

These kitchenettes/lounges/communal areas are grouped to create cores linked by stairs and provide a comfortable social space.

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How many beds are in the rooms, or rather: what rooms are available
in terms of available beds?

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