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Re: Free Beer Sessions: 11 June 2015 Linking up with Cape Town


On 04/05/2015 14:55, Bernelle Verster wrote:
> I am based at the University of Cape Town and we have been using a venue
> here, which is free and the internet is really good. I suggest we stick
> with this (pending input from Jonathan, perhaps he has another
> suggestion), while we're piloting this.
> (Jonathan, we'd move it up to the Seminar room so it's not so stuffy though)
> How would you all feel asking for a registration + email to be able to
> include post-event feedback?

I can do a call pretty much any time over the next week with just a
little advance notice.

UCT could work, for registration, we have the CLUG meetup.com group but
we could use a freebeer one if it exists or even create one.


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