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DC16 braai

Hi all!

Important dates coming up:
  1. We're announcing DebConf16 to the local CLUG (Cape Linux Users Group) crowd on Tuesday, 14 April. Pretty much the entire local team is also part of CLUG, and we're hoping to get a few more teammates after the announcement. Please attend, obviously. 
  2. Tammy, our designer, is aiming to get design feedback by the 20th of April, and Raoul and myself will meet with her to brainstorm some more (I forget the details).
  3. Then, to celebrate, discuss design in person, and to meet the other halves, we're having a braai. It's important to at least nudge your partners or special person(s) to join us, for various reasons, mainly so I don't feel too geek-intimidated, and we may or may not coerce them (on behalf of Nattie) to get involved in the non-geek side of DebConf. Also, it would be good to know who is behind the great men and women of the team. But I digress.
    There's two suggested dates, the 25th of April (which is part of a long weekend) and the 10th of May. Please let me know which suits you best and I'll relay the final date and numbers to Nigel, whose company kindly offered to host (I think?) and offer the basics (see below), thanks Nigel & co!


P.S. Non local team peeps, we can skype you in. ;P


Recommended dates:
Saturday 2015-04-25 / Sunday 2015-04-26 (RSVP 2015-04-22)
Saturday 2015-05-09 / Sunday 2015-05-10 (RSVP 2015-05-06)


Company will  provide

Guests to bring
Own Drinks other than Beer

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