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Minutes: DC16 meeting 11 March 2015

Hi all

Random observation: I don't like chairing, would prefer if someone else does it.

- - -

Date: 2015-03-11
Chair for this meeting: indiebio

- - Topic cut-off times on left - -

[todo] meetbot/ tibit minuting stuffs? - nkukard and indiebio to take offline
Channels and mailing lists the team should be on:
   - mailing list:debconf16-team@lists.debian.org, debconf-team@lists.debconf.org
   - IRC: #debconf16-capetown, #debconf-team

* 00:02 - Timeline: # no lead yet - no one looking into this as is quite early
  - Report back: Progressing well
  - Has [inprogress] [todo] [done], need more structure in terms of who is responsible, next actions needed, in a visually sensible way.
[todo] indiebio to compare timeline and DCx stuff, maybe take offline with wendar as lead?
  - Use this timeline and/or LocalTeamRoles (https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Teams?) to give a rough outline of jobs and places people can get involved in by early April.

* 00:04 - Budget: nkukard
  - Report back
  - No feedback yet. Waiting for end of March when things have calmed down to get madduck to show me what he has (it should be complete by then).
  - Observing DC15 budget, currently in approval phase (madduck)

* 00:09 - Accommodation: indiebio
  - Report back: Finally made contact with UCT Accommodation, phelokazi.mbebe@uct.ac.za. Response generally positive.
  - Catering has to be included in accommodation. Options (2015 prices, pppd, VAT incl): Breakfast: R46.00 Mid-morning snack: R26.00
    Lunch: R51.00 Packed Meals (Lunch & Dinner) R66.00 Dinner R56.00 Braai: R138.00
  - Concern: no alcohol policy in residences. Hope to work around this with good behaviour, possibly breakage deposit?
  - Concern: no family accommodation on (upper) campus. indiebio will investigate other UCT options, e.g. All Africa House. Guesthouses close by also an option.
  - Email discussion: link: https://lists.debian.org/debconf16-team/2015/03/msg00020.html
[todo] Have a local team meeting over lunch at UCT catering
[todo] indiebio to explore contracting with Phelo
[todo] (later) explore how enforced the no-alcohol policy is for mature people.

* 00:14 - Sponsors: # no lead yet
   # madduck added some todos into the brochure.tex file debconf-data/dc15/sponsorship-brochure
   # Hodgestar to send indiebio a list of sponsors contacted for PyConZA
   # We can maybe add local context to this http://media.debconf.org/dc15/fundraising/debconf15_sponsorship_brochure.pdf
  - We're working on design theme/logo before brochure.
[todo] start work on brochure end March/early April
  - wendar, superfly volunteers to work on the text
  - We should aim to be well known to sponsors by around October/November 2015
  - The fiscal year of dc16 starts on 1 March 2016
   - madduck takes the task to bootstrap the dc16 debconf-data repo and copy the dc15 brochure there: link: ssh://git.debian.org/git/debconf-data/dc16

* 00:23 - Hangover156: nkukard
  - Report back on progress
  - Postponed to next DC15 meet I believe, ran out of time. Madduck said he'd a question to the team to see what they thought.
  - madduck to send email to list about it.

* 00:33 - Logo / Design Brainstorming: superfly (indiebio thoughts here: http://indiebio.co.za/blog/event-organising)
  - Reportback on progress
  - Colours: Main colour? Two secondary colours (incl Debian Red)?
  - Font: previous DebConf font? Andika Basic: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/LogoContest. superfly might play with it.
  - Two logos: Square + "DebConf16 Cape Town" + whatever else

* 00:45 - Website: superfly
  - Report back
[todo] superfly to mail list about getting a wafer instance up and running

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