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Meeting minutes: 2015-03-04 19:30 UTC

Date: 2015-03-04
Chair for this meeting?: nkukard

* Timeline: # no lead yet - no one looking into this as is quite early
  - Report back
    # nothing yet
  - How do we feel about a colab effort
    # we already doing this and its working at the moment, we can bring
it up later if needed

* Budget: nkukard
  - Report back
    # nkukard said he's not got any progress at present, he'll get in
contact with madduck as his budget doc looks pretty cool. nkukard will
get in contact when DC15's budget is done and things aren't so hectic

* Website: superfly
  - Report back
    # Hodgestar suggested getting a wafer demo site up and transferring
the skin
      # Good idea to send ALOT of wine to cate, cate says he likes this idea
      # Its a good idea to rope in cates expertise with what we choose
to use, he's done massive work on summit lately
      # A system that endures many DebConf's would be a good idea
      # Front end: From a design perspective, we can change the colours,
load different logo's, change the font.
      # Back end: Summit and website are a PITA to stitch together, we
should probably look into making this easier
      # Works been done on wafer to make adding design easier
      # madduck mentioned if we come up with a solution that cate signs
off from registration perspective and which does all the event
submission and workflow stuff and allows video team workflow
integration, and compiles content out of markup, I think it'll just be
      # Conference management software:
      # To investigate: Why did PyConZA abandon Symposium in favour of a
home-grown solution? Hodgestar notes symposium was an utter mess but may
have gotten better
      # Website and requirements to be discussed in another meeting
specifically for it, table requirements ... etc. indiebo and superfly to
      # superfly and indiebio to take website design offline
  - So what does everyone think?
      # Our site should support multi-day schedule views with direct
links to days
  - The outcome of design involvement
      # Still pending, taken on by indiebio and superfly
      # They'll work on placeholders

* Accommodation: indiebio
  - Report back
    # indiebio: No progress yet - no reply to email, and the fires
messed up my available time this week, sorry.
    #  we have 2015 prices, will try get more info for next meeting,
we'll use 2015 + inflation
  - Question about exclusivity, do we want exclusive use of the
    # We do, but no response received from emails above

* Sponsors: # no lead yet
   # Indiebio has been reading DC15 mails
   # madduck added some todos into the brochure.tex file
   # Hodgestar to send indiebio a list of sponsors contacted for PyConZA
   # We're going to wait to harass people due to financial year end
   # We can maybe add local context to this

* Orga docs: indiebio
   - Report back
   # Made a rough start:indiebio.co.za/blog/event-organising madduck input?
   # We should get people in sync, indiebio and madduck to discuss in

* Hangover156: nkukard
  - Report back on progress
   # nkukard derped and forgot to get a timeslot to discuss this at the
DC15 meeting, he will contact marga and get a slot for the next meeting
and report back

* Other/General
  - Debian is not mainstream, and not commercial.
  - The purpose of DebConf is (Discussion needed) to showcase the uses
and application of Debian related software
    # madduck to send indiebio a copy of his book

* End
  # Try to focus more on topic in future :)
  # nkukard to look into #meetbot and define escalation methods, e.g.
next meeting, extra meeting (X prepares a status message), after-meeting
discussion plus points if you implement that in meetbot

* Logo / Design Brainstorming: indiebio (thoughts here:
  - indiebio: May I suggest we only think of logo design during the
actual meeting
    # swirl with table mountain lining or whatever, and keep the, no
doubt, heated content discussion of my email for last, possibly after
  - Recruitment
    # need designer
  - Does Debian have a typeface (Helvetica, Monospace, whatever?)
    # ask Azeem; mbanck@debian.org azeem on oftc
  - Where can I get the debian logo in, I guess, a gimp file format?
    # also ask Azeem
  - Do DebConf16 have 'social media' sites? There's IRC... What are the
open source equivalents to Facebook, Twitter... How do we feel about
having a twitter account? google plus? LinkedIn? facebook, twitter
(@DebConf), g+ exist.
  - Is there a conf page on debian.org or is the website the only place
that needs updating/maintaining? I'm assuming that our website just gets
redirected from debconf16.debconf.org: dc16.dc.o will host your website,
it expects the HTML in a git repo/.
  - How do people feel about blogs? personal blogs, also 
http://planet.debian.org. We could have a blog page on the website, but
just linking to other blogs written about relevant topics. Also,
blog.debconf.org and blog.dc.o/debconf16 will be your space.
  - Press coverage page, e.g.
http://debconf15.debconf.org/coverage.xhtml (or

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