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Re: Design points from designer friends - for discussion at IRC meeting tonight.

Dear Bernelle,

quick replies inline. I think it's cool how you are pushing this.
However, what you are suggesting would be an absolute first in
DebConf history (employing professionals), and I can tell you with
almost certainty that it won't fly. DebConf has always been
a grassroots effort.

also sprach Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> [2015-03-04 14:26 +0100]:
>    1. Not just be the logo, but also input on the look and feel of the
>    website, the colour scheme, and the final report layout, possible including
>    other things like overall campaign concept, posters, stationery, website,
>    the works.

I think deciding on a logo and somewhat of a design for the website
and report should take priority. Everything else sounds a bit over
the top to me, but this should become clear further down — since
I think you have a different concept of the target audience.

> *B. Things to note/discuss:*
>    1. Debian is not mainstream, and not commercial.

We definitely don't have this level of awareness in the public, no.

>    2. The purpose of DebConf is (Discussion needed) to showcase the uses
>    and application of Debian related software

It is to bring together developers, enable real-life interaction to
solve hard problems, foster the exchange of ideas, boost diversity
and tighten social bonds.

You are talking about what has been tried under the concept of

>    3. The target audience is (Discussion needed), tech companies looking to
>    drive their tech to new levels, explore leading edge and out there
>    solutions. Also the 'hidden' sector - people who play in their spare time,
>    and people who've been doing similar things without even knowing what it's
>    called, or doing stuff out of necessity, in a shack somewhere perhaps... I
>    do want a general public interface.

I'd say the target audience of DebConf is sponsors and interested
users or developers who are ready to get their feet wet. On
DebianDay (or the DC15 open weekend), we'd want the tech companies
etc. to join.

As you said in a later e-mail, the two can/should coexist and share.
This is what we are trying this year for DC15 — integrate an
outreach day into the main conference.

> *C. Recruitment*
> So we need someone with a designer background with some interest in IT
> related things, or Debian, rather than the other way around (Debianite with
> some design skills). At this stage I'm going with that we have no budget,
> but am going to ask for quotes to get an idea of the financial value anyway.

We've never had a budget for logo and design. While I agree with the
statements about how contests suck, that's the best we could do in
the past.

If I were you, I would jot down a few ideas and then ask Valessio
Brito (who has done the logos in past years) to turn it into
something we can use.

>    3. *“From what I can see, Debian needs to take their brand more
>    seriously from the top. I don't think you can just "change" their logo, for
>    the sake of a conference. If you have sway in the powers that be, then by
>    all means suggest a complete brand overhaul done by a professional. If they
>    value their brand, they will put their money where their mouth is. It is
>    pretty clear that Debian does not currently place value on their brand, as
>    the logo here [http://debian.org <http://debian.org>] is completely
>    different to the one on the test site: *

DebConfs have always had their own logos, usually involving a play
on the swirl. And sure, while the idea of have a rejuvenation of the
Debian "corporate identity", this is really not in the scope of
DebConf organisation.

(that said, I have taken down the idea and will see whether this is
something we could potentially do)

Now, if you wanted to push for change into this direction, I also
wouldn't dream of trying to stop you. I hope it won't deter you from
DC16 and as Allison said, you'll be in a better position to push
anything when people know you.

In any case, before anyone revamps the www.debconf.org design, we
should really fix up the web space and by that I mean the
*technical* side of things and integrate all our resources. That
will have tangible benefits for the team and hence will probably
land you a few bonus points, which you can then use to push for
a new design later.

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