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Re: more details for daytrip proposals

On 25 de mayo de 2015 19:09:00 GMT+02:00, martin f krafft <madduck@debconf.org> wrote:
>also sprach Thomas Koch <thomas@koch.ro> [2015-05-25 19:02 +0200]:
>> - No option requires an autobus. The only open question is the
>transport for
>> the forrest climbing option. But I don't believe that enough people
>would take
>> this so that we'd fill a bus.
>There are 20 people busses, but if there is reasonable public
>transport, it'll be much cheaper.
>> - If we agree on the options, than we need persons who will
>> 'guide' each option. Anybody already interested?
>Yes. I'll take the one with the most walking ;)
>> - It would be great to get feedback about the number of people
>> interested in each option. Do you think we could make a survey?
>> Does anybody know a good tool for such a survey?
>I am not sure we'll be able to get reliable feedback on this ahead
>of time. We can try though. I think we should have it in Summit, so
>maybe you can strike up Cate and ask him?
I have a LimeSurvey (limesurvey.org) instance in my home server; it's living in surveys.larjona.net

If you think it's suitable, and no personal data is stored (e.g. anonymous survey), ping me and I'll create an admin account for the case.

Laura Arjona

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