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Re: Feedback on the website DebConf15

Hi Valessio and Website team,

Am 09.07.2014 17:40, schrieb Valessio Brito:
> I'm collaborating with the website[1] along with Martin F Krafft and
> Rene Engelhard, and would like to know feedback from you. What do you
> think? What suggestions?

First impression - looks like the page is on fire :-)

For me it's hard to read / focus on "meeting" and "2015" in the header.
Don't know if something like a semi-transparent black box around the
text / logo would look acceptable. Or just shadow or black outlines for
all text and logo parts.

I really like the "change contrast" feature, but the "light" version
becomes even harder to read. OTOH in the "light" version the seperating
horizontal line on the hole page line makes sense, as it seperates the
black and white in comarison to the "dark" version.

At first (2nd and 3rd) I missed the "change contrast" button - probably
it would be ok to put it as a "printable version" button - larger and
just under the "August 2015". And also get rid of the black side bars
and just keep small black lines as a frame ... mmh ...

Guess I'll play a little bit with the source this weekend.

Thanks for your time and efforts to create a great DC15 page.


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