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The possibility of co-locating GUADEC 2015 with DebConf15

Hi my name is Oliver Propst [1], I'm a GNOME community member who is
involved with the organization of GUADEC 2015, GUADEC are the main GNOME

We have made a bid for GUADEC 2015 to take place in Gothenburg [3], but
due to some circumstances we might want to postpone our bid for
Gothenburg to 2016. This would mean that a new location would needs to
be selected for 2015.

The GNOME foundation wants to explore the possibility of co-locating
GUADEC with other free software conferences. As DebConf and GUADEC
shares interests and audience it makes its a very logical to explore a
possible co-location opportunity for GUADEC 2015 and DebConf15 in

My main concern are the venue, traditionally GUADEC have been hosted at
a University venue offered for free or a at a very low fee, as is the
case with DebConf our financial resources are very limited.

I understand that there is a University [5] very close to the proposed
DebConf15 venue, it would be great if someone from the local team could
reach out to the university and ask about the possibility for such
arrangement. Have the University near the proposed DebConf15 venue been
considered as an option for hosting the conference, if so was there any
reason it was not selected?

If DebConf15 are going to be co-located with GUADEC 2015 its safe to say
that the local team would need to grow in size (this also applies for
the volunteer base during the actually conference).

While I understand this might be long-short, I would just want ask the
local team to consider the proposal and investigate the conditions for
this. Unfortunately we don’t have much time so things need to move
forward fast.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, its of course possible to reach out to
me personally about this.

1 https://twitter.com/Opropst
2 https://www.guadec.org/
4 https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Bids/Germany
5 http://www.informatik.uni-heidelberg.de/index.php?id=194

-mvh Oliver Propst

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