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Re: LinuxTag and DebConf15


Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:
> you are organizing LinuxTag this year, right?  I understand this is
> rather short notice, but as next year's DebConf will be in Germany
> (Heidelberg to be precise), it would be great if the LinuxTag booth
> team would (i) know about the rough details (ii) tell visitors about
> it (iii) let prospective sponsors know.
> Theese are the details:
>  * we have not signed a contract yet, so final dates and location are
>    not yet widely announced
>  * however, we are quite confident that it will take place in
> Heidelberg in August 2015
>  * we are currently setting up a sponsorship brochure, so people
>    interested in sponsoring should contact debconf15@debconf.org and
> we will send them the sponsorship brochure once it's ready
>  * we are looking for volunteers, and people should contact the list
>    (debconf15-team@lists.debian.org)
> In general it would be great if you could hang an A4 (or bigger if
> possible) poster with "DebConf15 in Germany, August 2015" or so at the
> booth, so people can learn about it. Also, if there were some A5
> leaflets or so with some information and contacts we could hand out to
> insterested people, but I will not have time until LinuxTag starts to
> do this, is anybody else up for this, and could this get printed in
> Berlin?

Well, this is /really/ short notice. (-;
I could get leaflets or a poster (also bigger than A4 if useful)
printed + bring it to linuxtag; however, I doubt I'll have time to
design it. Or is there some material already which I could work with, I
don't know, a logo or even just colours?




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