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LinuxTag and DebConf15

(writing in english, cause that's the language on debconf15-team)

Hi Christian,

you are organizing LinuxTag this year, right?  I understand this is
rather short notice, but as next year's DebConf will be in Germany
(Heidelberg to be precise), it would be great if the LinuxTag booth team
would (i) know about the rough details (ii) tell visitors about it (iii)
let prospective sponsors know.

Theese are the details:

 * we have not signed a contract yet, so final dates and location are
   not yet widely announced

 * however, we are quite confident that it will take place in Heidelberg
   in August 2015

 * we are currently setting up a sponsorship brochure, so people
   interested in sponsoring should contact debconf15@debconf.org and we
   will send them the sponsorship brochure once it's ready

 * we are looking for volunteers, and people should contact the list

In general it would be great if you could hang an A4 (or bigger if
possible) poster with "DebConf15 in Germany, August 2015" or so at the
booth, so people can learn about it. Also, if there were some A5
leaflets or so with some information and contacts we could hand out to
insterested people, but I will not have time until LinuxTag starts to do
this, is anybody else up for this, and could this get printed in Berlin?

I plan to attend LinuxTag on Saturday so will drop by the Debian booth
as well, of course.

For the DebConf15 organizers,


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