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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf 15 Legal Entity

also sprach Philipp Kaluza (Debian Consulting) <debian@ghostroute.eu> [2014-04-23 00:25 +0200]:
> * If we define a "Rumpfgeschäftsjahr" anyway, I'd let the
> "Geschäftsjahr" start at April 1st. More in line with other cycles, and
> pushes the end of the Rumpfgeschäftsjahr further away from DC15.

also sprach Philipp Hug <debian@hug.cx> [2014-04-23 00:59 +0200]:
> I think it might be easier to move the beginning of the
> "Geschaeftsjahr" to Jan 1st. So, the first "Rumpfgeschäftsjahr"
> will be empty without transactions and the 2nd one will contain
> the whole DebConf period.

I don't know why this is becoming such an issue. We should pick
whatever makes most sense for us. There is no requirement to be "in
line with anything". If the tax authorities require a change,
they'll tell us and we change it. This won't prevent any tax status.
And we don't have any benefit from aligning us with fiscal quarters,
do we?

Even if the Rumpfgeschäftsjahr ends with 2014, it hopefully won't be
empty, as we should really be on our way with sponsoring well before
the end of the year.

There is also no reason to "push the end of the RGJ away from DC15".

The only thing that's really relevant is that by the end of the
first proper year, DC15 should be concluded with everything attached
to it. While there's a certain charm of forcing us to do that by
2015-12-31, I also know that my Nov/Dec usually don't have me

Having it be 2016-04-30 doesn't mean we can't tie things up much
earlier. It just means we get less time pressure, except of course
that we all know that we'll leave it to the last minute again, as

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