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Why the secrecy (was: Request to Join Project DebConf private repository)

Hi All,

In tonight's meeting, there was discussion about a draft Vereinssatzung,
including a link to a git repository. However,

Am 07.04.2014 22:17, schrieb noreply@alioth.debian.org:
> Your request to join the DebConf private repository project was denied by an administrator.

Can we _please_ stop with the completely unnecessary secrecy ? I do
_not_ fear any legal repercussions, just because our unfinished Satzung
was circulated too widely. I even see widely discussing the pros and
cons of different clauses as a necessary precursor to us achieving

I was asked to contact the lawyer that a friendly association had a good
experience with; what am I supposed to tell them if I cannot even see a
copy of our proposed bylaws, much less send them ? Please let's stop
with this secrecy stuff ASAP and have an open process from the beginning.


Philipp Kaluza
Ghostroute IT Consulting

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