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Re: So, who's going to Portland

> who is going to Portland?

Maxy and I are going.

We already have the tickets. We arrive on Thursday, Aug 21st and leave really early on Tuesday, September 2nd. So, we can hang around and help     with the final report during Sept. 1st.

I think it makes sense to try to get as much of the final report done as possible during the conf itself.

For example chasing people to write stuff is much easier when they are actually there, and for then it should also be easier to find the time.

Another thing that takes a lot of time is editing and formatting. There are basically two options: latex or scribus. Scribus actually looks much much better, but it requires having someone that knows how to use it as the main editor. Anyway, it makes sense to decide this in advance, and do as much pre-work as possible.


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