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Debian Portland meetup: Thursday, August 29, 7pm @ Lucky Lab SE

Hey all,

I think we're due for another (post-DebConf) beering!  The attempts at
Tuesday beerings seem to have been a mixed bag; Lucky Lab is less busy on
Tuesdays, but we also don't seem to get as many people showing up regularly.
So for this round, I'm proposing we do a Thursday beering again.

  Lucky Lab SE
  915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
  Portland, OR 97214
  August 29, 2013 7pm

How's this sound?

On the DebConf 14 front, I think this is probably a worthwhile topic for


I'm keen to start working in earnest on the question of replacing Pentabarf
as conference management software for DebConf 14.  If anybody would like to
help start fleshing out the requirements for that (to be
confirmed/sanity-checked later with the global team), you're very welcome.

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