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Re: Idea for badges for 2014

On Thursday 15 August 2013 15:55:40 Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> It might be nice if people could add a brief (up to 5 words)
> self-description, indicating what they work on in Debian, so people know
> what to ask them about.
> Other people are still mulling over the details. My personal take
> is that it'd be great to see people with text like the following examples:
> * "Python OpenHatch newcomers outreach" (me)
> * "kernel maintainer since 2007" (Ben Hutchins, though the year is
> made-up)
> * "no contributions yet but excited"
> * "debconf team for ages"

I don't like this idea, since it excludes people not yet involved.
The "no contributions yet but excited" doesn't makes this any better,
it still says "well, I'm doing nothing..."

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