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Re: MDCO-Br 2020 ToDo

On 2020/11/18 18:44, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> On 2020-11-18 11 h 30, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Fist all, thanks for your help to provide the mdco-br video infra. I'm
>> sure we will have a great event :-)
>> I read the meeting log from yesterday (18), so I'm writing some questions.
>> 6) The event will start at 12:30 UTC (9:30 Brazil timezone).
>> We can join before at 11:30 to test everything with you?
> I'm likely the one who will be on call that morning, and I can do 12:00
> UTC, but 11:30 UTC is too early for me.
> If someone else from the videoteam in a more suitable timezone wants to
> take that slot though, I won't mind.

I should be able to, but I'll only be able to confirm that the day
before unfortunately.



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