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Re: MDCO-Br 2020 ToDo

On 2020-11-18 11 h 30, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
> Hi all,
> Fist all, thanks for your help to provide the mdco-br video infra. I'm
> sure we will have a great event :-)
> I read the meeting log from yesterday (18), so I'm writing some questions.
> 1) We are usinh this repo:
> https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/mini/mdcobr
> 2) We (br-team) need to send to highvoltage images with sponsors logo +
> general logos.
> Can we send the images with 16:9 / 1280x720 in svg files?

Better coordinate with highvoltage on that, but generally yes, SVG is
preferred and the resolutions are what we'll be using for the miniconf.

> 3) After MDCO2-Games you will change config files to setup everything> for mdcobr2020.debian.net right?


> 4) We will have 2 pre-recorded talks, and the files will be available on
> monday. How can the speakers (or us) send to you?

I don't think it is worth setting up a complex file upload mechanism for
only 2 files. You can ask the speakers to send me a link where they
uploaded the video, and I'll take care of uploading them to the voctomix

Or if you want to do it yourself and you have access to
voctomix1.online.debconf.org, you can upload them in

> 5) We don't have a call for volunteers yet. I think it will be better we
> do a training session next week in portuguese with them.

Sure. If you need help I'm available, but I don't speak portuguese though :)

> 6) The event will start at 12:30 UTC (9:30 Brazil timezone).
> We can join before at 11:30 to test everything with you?

I'm likely the one who will be on call that morning, and I can do 12:00
UTC, but 11:30 UTC is too early for me.

If someone else from the videoteam in a more suitable timezone wants to
take that slot though, I won't mind.

> 7) I saw: "mdco.br has been imported into sreview".
> just to know, what this mean?

The schedule of the event has been imported in Sreview, so we'll be able
to review and publish the videos quickly.

If the schedule changes for some reason, please tell Wouter so he can
update Sreview.

  ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  Louis-Philippe Véronneau
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   pollo@debian.org / veronneau.org

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