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Please do not publish "Debconf from different perspectives" after DebConf

Hi content and video team,

today Bárbara and I are active in the event


It turned out that Bárbara was not aware that all DebConf events were
uploaded to the DebConf talks archive for "ethernity".  When I met
Bárbara last year at DebConf19 she was wearing a "no photo" button.  I
think its a big step for her to come with me "on stage".  I'm very happy
about this.  However, she has asked me that the video will be streamed
only but not uploaded to the DebConf video archive for public download.

I hope you agree with this.  It is a bit like the "Newcomers BoF" on
DebConfs where we try to care for some kind of privacy for those who are
speaking.  We both discussed it extensively but below you can read the
final decision of Bárbara which I would like to respect.  I appreciate
Bárbara's courage to be streamed with me and would love to give her time
to do the next steps into the wide open possibly in some other event.

Thanks a lot for your understanding

      Bárbara & Andreas.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 08:51:13AM -0300, Bárbara Fernandes wrote:
> Dear Andreas,
> I'm really sorry, I thought I had answered that question by Telegram.
> Yes, I would really appreciate it if the video wasn't made available
> after its streaming.


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