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Re: Video Team members participation in MiniDebConf 2019 Vaumarcus

On 21/08/2019 10:02, Andy Simpkins wrote:
> On 20/08/2019 21:19, jathan wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Who of the Video Team members are planning to attend the MiniDebConf
> 2019 in Vaumarcus and helping with some tasks? I would like to know if
> anyone could take the Video Team hardware to the venue or what is the
> current availability of the stuff to could record the talks. Please
> answer before this Friday 23rd to coordinate something,
> Best regards
> Jathan
> Hi Jathan,
> We have a team meeting next Tuesday (our first after DebConf).  MiniConf
> CH19 is on the adgenda, and we will let you know if any of us are able
> to attend after that.
> BR
> /Andy
Hi Andy!

How are you doing? Thank you for telling us about the next Video Team
meeting on Tuesday 27th :) At what time will be please?


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