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[Report] Venue checklist for debconf19


Last week we had a sprint for debconf19, during three days we worked
together on many different issues; we will send a full report about the
sprint soon. Among other things, we worked to write a report for the
video team about the structure provided by the UTFPR (the host for
debconf19). In this sense, I added a link for the report about the
auditoriums in the end of this email. Please, take a look and let us
know if we need to provide any other information.

Additionally, we tried to replicate the video team setup in our
computers. However, due to our inexperience in this subject, we failed
in this task. We will study more about the basic setup and maybe try
again in another event.

Best Regards

Report: https://salsa.debian.org/siqueira-guest/dc19/raw/report/report_video_team/text/report_video.pdf

Rodrigo Siqueira
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of São Paulo

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