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Re: Debian RT: Redirect https://video.debconf.org to https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs

DSA didn't reply to the list, but this is now live:


     : :'  :     Louis-Philippe Véronneau
     `. `'`      pollo@debian.org / veronneau.org
On 2018-03-22 21:35, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> Hi!
> As you may know, the DebConf videoteam is using the static hosting
> functions on salsa.debian.org for its documentation:
> https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs/
> Now that wildcard certificates are available on LE and that
> *.pages.debian.net has a valid TLS certificate, we would like to request
> a redirection from https://video.debconf.org to
> https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs.
> Since we also use this website for the mini-confs as a webui for our
> stream, it would be very nice to have a convenient URL to publicise.
> It seems this requires DSA to setup an Apache VHost somewhere to do this
> redirection.
> Is this something you could do?
> Thanks in advance,

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