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Re: [TREASURER #1884] Pre-approval request - DebConf Video Sprint @ FOSDEM 2018

Hi Michael

Thanks for the follow-up!

On 26/02/2018 22:49, Martin Michlmayr via RT wrote:
> Do you know through which trusted org Kyle Robertze will submit his request?

According to https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/Reimbursement it seems
that he should follow the instructions under the SPI section, can I
forward that to him and ask him to follow up with the emails above if he
has further questions?

> Who will submit a request for the refreshments (up to 100 EUR)?

Very likely also Kyle.

> I understand you were not able to attend. Did you have any expenses that could not be refunded?
> (I'm actually not sure what Debian's policy is about reimbursements when you cannot attend a
> trip but I'm sure the DPL can comment in case there were any such expenses)

I had a small stroke (of which I should recover from fully and feeling
mostly fine already) the Friday before and was at risk of having a
larger event immediately after, so I played it safe. Unfortunately I
couldn't wiggle out of my expenses, I usually take the cheapest flight
tickets that are non-refundable or changeable. I thought that a medical
reason might be even sufficient to request some kind of change but it
was basically a 'no'.

I won't lie, it would help me a lot if I could get re-reimbursed for
that but I didn't go to the sprint and because I was recovering I didn't
even participate remotely (which was an option), so I didn't expect any
kind of re-imbursement and have learned it might be better to pay a
little bit extra for a flexible ticket.

> Since you mention Kyle and yourself, maybe I should ask whether this sprint took place at all.

It did! And the video team says it went well, Wouter wrote some blog
entries about it:




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