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Re: Audio Hardware Purchase Proposal

On 14/02/2018 15:53, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
> Hi
> ----- Mensagem original -----
>> De: "Kyle Robbertze" <krobbertze@gmail.com>
>> I doubt we'll be able to sort this set-up by then. If there is someone
>> coming from the video team that could bring an Opsis, you could use that.
> I'm thinking that if Debian sponsors these two hardware for us, we will be able to use them in all events we organize here in Curitiba like MiniDebConf, FLISOL, Software FreeDom Day, Debian Day.

I've added the MiniConf to the agenda [1] of the next meeting in
#debconf-video (oftc.net). If you want to attend, please fill out the
poll choosing a time [2]

[1] http://deb.li/35Rds
[2] http://deb.li/3ll7v


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