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Re: Audio Hardware Purchase Proposal

On 13/02/2018 20:47, Tim 'mithro' Ansell wrote:
> I second Carl's recommendation of looking at GatorCases -- they seem
> quite expensive at first but getting something which is professionally
> constructed and just turns ready to be fitted with stuff is *super*
> valuable. People will say that they can make you something similar for
> much cheaper but unless you get *super lucky* it will always take
> forever and be a huge hassle. They also look pretty nice (as they are
> generally onstage with DJs) so you can have them visible near / on the
> podium.

Yes, we will definitely use flight-case racks using professionally
constructed flight-cases. GatorCases are good, I've used them before.
> You can get pretty nice "rack cases" which are aimed at DJs and such,
> things like this -> http://gatorcases.com/g-tour-half-rack-cases/
> or http://gatorcases.com/portable-lightweight-racks/. They generally
> have about ~2ru full width and place for a laptop -- something like this
> -> http://gatorcases.com/products/racks-portable/laptoprack-cases/studio-2-go/laptop-and-2-space-rack-bag-gsr-2u/
> You could put a Opsis + Carl's Extron VGA converter + Mic Receiver +
> little draw for mDP converters and HDMI cables all in half-width-1RU
> cases side-by-side in the rack section and then a capture laptop on top.
> They can all be cabled together and ready to go too.

We are going with Turbot boards for capture, so there's no need for a
capture laptop. The issue with half-width is the mic receiver, but if
you know of a 4 channel (total) receiver(s) that is legal in all ITU
regions, please let us know.


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