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Re: Audio Hardware Purchase Proposal

On 13/02/2018 18:53, Carl Karsten wrote:
> I would suggest putting the Opsis and such in a half rack case - like
> this one:
> http://gatorcases.com/products/racks-portable/half-rack-cases/g-tour-rack-half-rack-cases/6u-half-rack-with-8-depth-g-tour-6uhr/
> $220 usd
> 6u =
> Opsis,
> turbot,
> 2 mic receivers,
> 2u draw fro mics and short cables 
> http://gatorcases.com/products/rack-accessories/half-rack-accessories/rackworks-half-rack-accessories/half-rack-standard-width-2u-drawer-grw-halfrkdrw2/
> I have a full sized 4u case that I used once or twice, and I found it
> annoyingly large given I didn't really need that much space.

I do like the idea of a half-rack case. The problem is the mic receiver.
We chose the Shure AD4Q specifically because it is usable in all ITU
regions (at least going by the webpage). It, however, is a full 1U in
width. If you know of another wireless receiver capable of 4 channels in
total that can fit and is valid in all regions, please let me know, as a
half-rack would be much better in front.
> ps - my understanding of "front of house" is the spot in the audience
> area where the mixers are.  we can debate what meaning of house and its
> origination, or just try to figure out how to communicate with venue staff.
The usage here tends to shift, depending on the context, but it would be
more accurate to call this a stage box

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