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Re: [Debconf-video] Feedback

Hi Thomas,

On 27/08/2017 12:01, Thomas Lange wrote:
> Hi video team,
> thanks for the recordings during Debconf 17. I observed some problems
> with the sound in some videos of talks I watched.
> Bdale's talk on the early history of Debian. The sound is very hard to
> understand, because Bdale's voice is very low. It sounds like a mic in
> the room was still on, so we hear a lot of noise from inside the room.

We provide 2 ambient mics in the room. These are to catch room noise and
questions without a mic. It could well be the case that these levels
were set incorrectly during the talk by the venue tech
> Also bad sound in thoses videos:
> ltspmanager-how-1000-greek-schools-switc.vp8.webm
> am-i-really-married-with-debian.vp8.webm
> consensually-doing-things-together.vp8.webm
> heresies-in-free-software-what-do-the-ne.vp8.webm
> Following talks have good sound:
> a-newbie-s-newbie-guide-to-debian.vp8.webm
> it-s-the-end-of-the-world-in-21-years.vp8.webm
> scibian-a-distro-for-industrial-r-d-and-.vp8.webm
> freedombox-libre-personal-server.vp8.webm
> debian-science-bof.vp8.webm
> all-ages-how-to-build-a-movement.vp8.webm
> In the anti-harassemnt Bof video, the mic of Ana seems to be badly
> placed, because her voice is not good to understand, others are fine
> to understand.
> So the pattern seems to be that the sound was bad in the big Buzz
> room. 
The problem was, in Buzz, we did not have control of the sound... The
venue provided a tech to run the sound in there.

IMO a good sound is very important, so non-native english
> speaker can understand all. I volonteer to help during the video
> trainings to give some advice on the sound. But I guess you have
> more experienced people than me to teach the operators to improve
> next time.

Thanks for the offer, we always need more people.
> fai-demo-session.vp8.webm:
>    In my session the sound is mostly good, but sometimes it's getting bad.
> Bit I really appreciated the cut of this video. Perfect! You really
> fulfilled my whishes that most of the time, the screen of my lapttop
> should be seen, and not me. Thanks again for the good work.
> See you next year


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