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[Debconf-video] Feedback

Hi video team,

thanks for the recordings during Debconf 17. I observed some problems
with the sound in some videos of talks I watched.

Bdale's talk on the early history of Debian. The sound is very hard to
understand, because Bdale's voice is very low. It sounds like a mic in
the room was still on, so we hear a lot of noise from inside the room.

Also bad sound in thoses videos:

Following talks have good sound:


In the anti-harassemnt Bof video, the mic of Ana seems to be badly
placed, because her voice is not good to understand, others are fine
to understand.

So the pattern seems to be that the sound was bad in the big Buzz
room. IMO a good sound is very important, so non-native english
speaker can understand all. I volonteer to help during the video
trainings to give some advice on the sound. But I guess you have
more experienced people than me to teach the operators to improve
next time.

   In my session the sound is mostly good, but sometimes it's getting bad.
Bit I really appreciated the cut of this video. Perfect! You really
fulfilled my whishes that most of the time, the screen of my lapttop
should be seen, and not me. Thanks again for the good work.

See you next year
regards Thomas

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