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[Debconf-video] DebConf videoteam sprint - Day 4

Day 4 resumé of the DebConf videoteam sprint in Paris!


I'll try to have a working Atom feed linked to planet.d.o for next time :D

This is the resumé of day 4 of the DebConf videoteam sprint in Paris.
You can
find day 1,  day 2 and day 3 résumés [here](/blog/2016-11-17),
[here](/blog/2016-11-18) and [here](/blog/2016-11-19).

Today was our last day of sprint. We stopped working at the end of the
because we had to start packing the hardware back in boxes and some of
us had to
leave early.

## pollo

Me again. I mainly worked on ansible today too. All the configuration we
had in
FAI is now in our [ansible git
A few things still need to be tested, but it's mostly all done on that side.

## h01ger

H01ger continued his packaging work.
is now in Debian! The voctomix package also has a `.desktop` file now.

He also set up a few Jenkins tests to follow some packages we need.

Last but not least, he wrote to the person coordinating the subtitling
for the DebConf videos. Sadly, we neglected the work done by these
people and we
will try to fix that in the future.

## olasd

olads helped Andy with hardware testing and cursed icecast2 a lot for
not being
able to loop `.webm` files.

Since he's also in charge of our stuff at IRILL, he repacked all of our
gear to
make sure we could easily use it next time we need it.

## tumbleweed

tumbleweed started the day by packaging
a tool needed to flash the Opsis and the Atlys board. It's now in the
NEW queue,
waiting for ftpmaster approval.

He also asked for the removal of the
package, effectively removing all traces of dvswitch in Debian. So long
dvswitch, you served us well!

At the end of the day, he also helped me with the ansible configuration,
reviewing my work and adding a few things.

## Andy

We had a lot of old gear no one had touched for a while. It was taking
space in
IRILL and we always ended having problems because somehow, this old
stuff made
it's way to DebConf.

Andy fixed that. He and olads tested _all_ the freaking cables we had
and most
of the hardware that could be tested.

He also took our broken radio receivers with him to see if he could fix

Finally, he continued his work on our hardware shopping list.

## wouter

wouter again worked all day long on his new reviewing program.


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