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[Debconf-video] DebConf videoteam sprint - Day 3

0/. Here's the report for DebConf videoteam sprint day 3. As previously,
you can find it here: https://veronneau.org/blog/2016-11-19/

Here's also the markdown, but you won't get to see the nice pictures.

This is the resumé of day 3 of the DebConf videoteam sprint in Paris.
You can find day 1 and day 2 résumés [here](/blog/2016-11-17) and

Today was a full day of work. No travel, not long discussion about what
we should be doing: only work (and some nice Parisian food).

## pollo

That's me! Today I worked on our new and shiny ansible setup. It's going
well and I may even be able to migrate everything we did in FAI to it.

## h01ger

H01ger packaged some stuff we needed today. He mainly worked on
[voctomix-outcasts](https://github.com/CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts), a set
of scripts we use with voctomix.

The bug he worked on is

## olasd

olasd worked on icecast2 today. At the moment, when the source drops in
icecast (the talk is finished and we stop recording), people on the
stream just see a blank video.

He thus tried to figure out a way to put our sponsors loop as a fallback
source. Seems he was able to make it work, but icecast is bad at dealing
with webm loop.

He also helped Andy with microphone debugging.

## tumbleweed

tumbleweed and Andy worked a long time on video capture today.

We have been testing a [new
SBC](http://wiki.minnowboard.org/MinnowBoard_Turbot) to manage the loop
on the Opsis board. They had some trouble with it at first because they
installed the OS on a USB key and it could not handle the bandwidth
needed for video. They reinstalled Debian on a SSD and it made it better.

Globally, the Turbot seems to be a nice little piece of hardware!

tumbleweed also worked on a broken Opsis board we have and sent some bug
reports to the main dev.

Finally, he helped h01ger with packaging and packaged `hdmi2usb
mode-switch (a tool to flash the atlys and the opsis boards).

## Andy

Apart from helping tumbleweed, Andy continued his work on our hardware
shopping list. New stuff `\0/`!

He also worked hard with olasd, testing our audio gear to see what we
need to replace.

## ivodd

ivodd finished the work on provisioning machines with Debian Installer
today. That's really cool, since it means installing machines will be
really easier from now on.

He finished the day by playing with SDI, audio inputs and Voctomix.

## wouter

wouter coded all day on a new review system. The one we are using is
somewhat complicated and his new project aims to make it simpler, both
for users and for maintainers.

## Throwing out old stuff

We are sprinting at IRILL and took advantage from the fact all of the
DebConf video hardware is stored there.

Some of our hardware is really old (or broken, or both) and we went
through all of it to see what could be thrown out.

## Funny moments

To test a possible AV sync problem on Voctomix, we need some spare
videos. We thus decided to use old DebConf videos and found some funny

Check out our new [bloopers wiki

## Thanks to IRILL

[IRILL](https://irill.org) has been hosting our sprint in Paris and it's
been great!

They also paid us a _very_ nice dinner at a nice French restaurant
called *Le Coupe-Chou*. Thanks for being so great IRILL!


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