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[Debconf-video] Shipping


As I usually ship my personal belongings around Europe, I am used to
services sold by small companies that somehow pack many shipments into
one and then use the big couriers for a fraction of the price.

I have sent boxes/suitcases up to 30kg for around 40-50 EUR inside the EU.

For France-Germany, I found pretty good prices at

TNT express, 2 days shipping, collection and delivery at customer
premises; for a parcel that measures 80x30x30 and weights 30kg: 53 EUR
[1]. Optional insurance on 1k EUR can be added for 8.50 EUR.

With Chronopost, similar offering: 54 EUR [2]

To use these companies, the service has to be contracted and paid on the
web, and then somebody will need to be on premises. They may call to
give a schedule, but it might require spending the day there.

I would recommend the person handling this locally to call the broker
and clear any doubts. Including disclosing the contents of the boxes in
case there are restrictions, assuring that the packaging is safe and up
to standard. If these boxes don't have locks, some protection should be
added so they don't open while in transit: for example, rolling them up
in cling foil, or packing paper.

I hope this is useful.


Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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