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Re: [Debconf-video] video meeting for dc15, video sprint

Hi Niels,

On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 08:18:45AM +0100, Niels Laukens wrote:
> On 2015-03-09 22:41, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > [to: debconf-video + Niels Laukens, in whose lap I ended up dropping
> > video orga for FOSDEM]
> > 
> > It's getting necessary to start planning video for debconf15. I'd like
> > to propose a team meeting on IRC, preferably this week still.
> During the meeting:
> > 19:22:42 < RichiH> wouter: is using FOSDEM15 workflow an option at
> > all, in your eyes? i know you have several concerns, but i know at
> > least a few of them are being adressed
> > 19:22:55 < RichiH> and i _think_ all of them
> > 19:22:59 < wouter> RichiH: not for debconf
> > 19:23:13 < RichiH> wouter: for understanding: why?
> > 19:23:26 < wouter> RichiH: FOSDEM15 used "MistServer", an "open core"
> > streaming server
> > 19:23:34 < wouter> that part worked okayish
> > 19:23:45 < wouter> they didn't do *any* on-site editing, and have
> > spent several weeks now editing things afterwards
> > 19:23:49 < wouter> for debconf, that will not happen
> > 19:24:02 < wouter> so if we go that route, we'll fail
> > 19:24:57 < wouter> I don't think we should switch away from dvswitch for dc15
> In that case, I don't think I'll be very useful at DC15. I have zero
> experience with the "old" setup at FOSDEM.

The reason I added you to Cc here was to get you at the video sprint
that we're planning, not to get you involved in DebConf video work. I
realize that you're unfamiliar with the old/"current" debconf workflow,
and that you wouldn't be of much use there.

Having said that, while the FOSDEM 2015 workflow isn't mature enough yet
IMO, I do agree the old setup (which is essentially what DebConf has
been using since 2007) is in need of replacement; and  there were enough
things that did go well at FOSDEM 2015 for me to want to pick the "good"
parts of it. For that, your experience and presence at any such sprint
would be most welcome.

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