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[Debconf-video] free trip to PyOhio to do video

Hey Debian video

PyOhio is this weekend and I need 2 more people to be on the video team. 
We work a little different than DebConf - the video team is there to do video, not participate (basically.  really you can sneak off and catch a talk in some other room if things are going well.)  Anyway, for this we cover all your expenses.

It is the same stack that will be used at DC14, so you will get 2 days of training and be an expert.  DC14 not required to help with PyOhio, but alas, you do need to be in the US.  (travel costs and customs are kinda a deal breaker)

Fly in Friday to Columbus CMH fly out Sunday night or Monday morning. flight, hotel, food, reg, t-shirt are all paid for.

Or if you like Python and want to attend, you should do that instead.


Carl K

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