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Re: [Debconf-video] Call for help: mini-Debconf barcelona


I would like to learn and help during the debconf too.
I have some experience with video production, streaming, encoding and media metadata, because I´m in charge of this in Medialab-Prado.
We have been also experimenting with dvswitch, icecast and similar stuff.

[OT] - Tomorrow we are organizing an activity around the Oggstreamer and we will be streaming, so you are invited to join.
          We are talking about creating a similar device based on similar idea.


Gabriel Lucas

El 13/02/14 08:18, Tássia Camões escribió:
I've forgot to say what [1] is ;-)

[ 1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/Projects/MiniDebconf-Women/2014/Video


2014-02-13 2:16 GMT-05:00 Tássia Camões <tassia@gmail.com>:
Thank you guys!

Sorina, Intrigeri, Henning and Francesca, I'm adding you to the list
of video-volunteers [1].

Please add your dates of arrival and departure, so that we we know if
we can count on you for the set up and/or tear down. Also, it would be
good to know if your attendance is confirmed or not (for example, if
you are still waiting for a sponsorship response). In case you need
sponsorship from the video team, please contact me directly.

Henning, we have all the hardware, we're just figuring out how thing
will be taken to BCN. You can check for details at [1]. There will be
just one room with video coverage, just for two days, so things will
be not that complicated, if we compare with debconfs. The schedule
will be published as soon as it is ready ;-)

Anyone who arrives later in the conversation and wants to join the
team, please add yourself to the wiki with the proper travel info.
We'll probably have a videoteam meeting before the conference, just to
put everyone on the right track.



2014-02-10 11:39 GMT-05:00 Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@zouish.org>:
On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 03:29:04AM -0500, Tássia Camões wrote:
Hey all video team members,

We are organizing a mini Debconf in Barcelona which will take place on
March 15th and 16th 2014. We are planning to have video coverage as we
do for Debconfs and it would be very helpful to have more people with
experience in past Debconfs set up. Is there anyone here that would be
able to attend and give us a hand?

I'll attend and will happily help with videoteam stuff.

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