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Re: [Debconf-video] teardown plan

Quoting Holger Levsen (holger@layer-acht.org):
> Hi,
> so tomorrow, DebConf13 will end and we'll need to teardown everything. /me 
> sheds a tear already :-)
> So, let's meet 15min after the closing ceremony ends (so people can go to the 
> toilet, coordinate other things, whatever) and have a short meeting to discuss 
> things + details for the teardown.
> The basic plan is to tear down:
> -  all _our_ (videoteam) stuff, put it in our boxes and hand them over to 
> 	Christian on Saturday evening - Christian when will you leave from here?

Sunday morning when ready. So it can be late in the morning, no problem.

I need my car to NOT be filled up before Sunday 8:00pm as ai
volunteered to drive early departures to Yverdon with it.

I would suggest storing the videoteam stuff in the main talk room
unless you fear something could "disappear". Alternatively, it can be
stored in my room.

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