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[Debconf-video] conferences sound post-processing


I am trying to find a little sound post-processing chain in order to
improve the sound of the conferences.

So far I have not found the "generic" setup which could be applied on
every record and, if not enhance, would not made things worse.

For now I think it would be more easy and more efficient to pick up the
records barely audible or with big sound problems and work individually
on them.

Two questions :

  - are there complete dv files of each conference (are the files cut
    and concatenated or is the encoding made directly from the raw dv
    files) ?

  - how hard would it be to redo the encoding of a few files, after a
    cleaning of the sound tracks ?

And of course, if you have a suggestion on a particular talk needing
some sound work, I welcome every suggestion.


Jonathan Dupart

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