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Re: [Debconf-video] D800 DSLR for video

On 11/07/13 11:13, Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:
> On 11.07.2013 10:54, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If it is necessary to record video from a third room, I could offer use
>> of my D800 SLR, but maybe not for all days as I may not attend all days
>> of DebConf this year
> Hello Daniel,
> I don't think it is a good camera for such job: the sensor (and the
> camera) is not designed to be on so long (low heat dispersion). But
> maybe it could be used for "report" debcamp life (and ev. streamed
> during the final talk)

A lot of people have said it is great for video but I've never tried
running it for extended periods of time so I can't really say whether it
would be suitable for a whole day of activity

The software is limited to recording approximately 30 minutes onto the
SD card but there is no hard time limit on HDMI video

The talk/scheduling team indicated there may be some difficulties
scheduling everybody at the times they want, if there are just 2 or 3
talks per day that have to go to an extra room then maybe this is an option.

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