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[Debconf-video] D800 DSLR for video


If it is necessary to record video from a third room, I could offer use
of my D800 SLR, but maybe not for all days as I may not attend all days
of DebConf this year

Specifically, I can offer the following:

Nikon D800 SLR
Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 24–85 mm 1:3,5-4,5G ED VR

I don't currently have a power supply for the camera. It's quite a pain
ordering anything like that here in Switzerland and if somebody can
purchase one and bring it to DebConf I'll be happy to re-imburse them. I
saw some on Amazon for about GBP 40.00, here it is about 200 CHF

Video output is via HDMI. The USB3 port does not provide live video, so
an adaptor is needed for a PC.

I can't otherwise volunteer to help with any aspect of the video work,
so somebody else would need to organise any PC, software and HDMI adapter.



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