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[Debconf-video] renting audio equipment in Managua...


to lower the costs and to ease organisation of getting our audio+video gear to 
Managua we are thinking about renting some audio equipment in Managua instead, 
if possible.

We would need:

- XLR audio cables (as they are heavy, so shipping them is really expensive. 
It might even be cheaper to buy such cables in .ni instead of shipping.)

- 2 audio mixers (maybe UCA has them in the auditoriums already?)

- wireless and wired microphones. (those are easiest to bring along from 
Europe, so if we cannot rent them easily in Managua it's definitly an option 
to bring them along.)

So, dear dc12 localteam, do you have someone who has some stage audio 
experience and who can help us here?


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