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Re: [Debconf-video] [Debconf-team] propostal web watch debconf11 with html5


cc:ing video@ as this is were this discussion belongs.

On Montag, 16. Mai 2011, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I'm late to the party, but let me AOL this.

/me too \o/

> It's not clear to me from the other half thread if you reached a
> conclusion on the web streaming, but I believe that HTML5-based web
> streaming of DebConf events with some JavaScript would be way better
> than no web streaming at all. 

(I'll not insist that I think that we always had "web streaming" - we had a 
webpage with urls which one could open in a webbrowser...)

rather: aren't we working on a miro community setup which should be able to do 
exactly that? (embedded web streaming :)

Tiago, whats the status here? (I have nothing on my todo list in this regard?! 
Did I miss something?)


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