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[Debconf-video] switching to CC-BY (Re: [Debconf-team] Fwd: licensing question for Eben's Debconf video

Hi Ian,

thanks for bringing this up!

On Dienstag, 15. März 2011, Ian Sullivan wrote:
> FWIW, getting everything under one of the CC licenses makes it much
> easier to share and distribute the video because all of the video tools
> we use (Youtube, vimeo, Internet Archive) have built-in capabilities for
> specifying what CC license to apply to a video, making it easy for us
> and others who may make derivative works to comply with the license's
> requirements.
> In contrast, the debconf video license here:
> http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/LICENSE requires
> that a copy of the license be distributed with all copies of the work,
> which it is unclear how to do with any of the video sharing tools in
> particular, or with video streaming in general.
> If you are interested in making use of some of the new networked video
> tools (Universal Subtitles in particular could be of great use) to get
> debconf presentations viewed more widely, you might want to consider
> switching to one of the CC licenses. We choose CC-BY-SA in particular
> just because we're copy-left fans, and because that was already the
> license of two of Eben's speeches on the subject, but  the tools are
> just as happy with CC-BY.

I think these are good reasons to indeed switch our licence to CC-BY for 
DebConf11 and onwards. What do other people think?
BTW, I've just checked and noticed that http://debconf11.debconf.org/cfp.xhtml 
only states we'll publish the video on the net, but nothing about the licence. 
IMO we should make this clear now. 
(Mostly so people cannot force us to publish it under a non-free licence only. 
That would be still complying with the promise from the cfp, but would be 
against our spirit.)

> All of the above just reflects my own experience with the tools and the
> licenses and is just for informational purposes, not an exhortation or
> legal advice, which I am not qualified to give. If you'd like more
> details on what I've run into though and some of the new free software
> video tools, I am happy to share my experiences.

I'd love to hear more about those new free software video tools!


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